Lumencor LED illuminator Application Bibliography

AreaLumencor Light EngineApplicationReferenceAuthorsPMIDYear
BioengineeringSPECTRA XOptogenetic manipulation of cyclic dimeric guanosine monophosphate (c-di-GMP) levels in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilmsBioprinting living biofilms through optogenetic manipulation. ACS Synth Biol (2018) 7(5):1195–1200Y Huang, A Xia, F Jin et al.296646102018
BioengineeringSOLA SETime lapse imaging of promoter activation and plasmid copy number in transformed E. coli.Synchronized DNA cycling across a bacterial population. Nat Genet (2017) 49(8):1282–1285L Baumgart, W Mather, J Hasty286920672017
BioengineeringSOLA SEExcitation of CellTracker Blue CMAC and GFP for image-based determination of plasmid transfection versus cell numberPlasmid transfection in bovine cells: Optimization using a realtime monitoring of green fluorescent protein and effect on gene reporter assay. Gene (2017) 626:200–208JS Osorio, M Bionaz285016312017
BioengineeringSOLA SEExcitation of autofluorescence for time-lapse imaging of cyanobacteria and algae.A microfluidic platform for long-term monitoring of algae in a dynamic environment. ACS Synth Biol (2016) 5(1):8–14CS Luke, J. Selimkhanov, J Hasty et al.263322842016
BioengineeringSOLA SEImaging of GFP and RFP expression for monitoring gene deletion in E. coliTargeted large-scale deletion of bacterial genomes using CRISPR-nickases. ACS Synth Biol (2015) 4(11):1217–1225K Standage-Beier, Q Zhang, X Wang264518922015
Confocal MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of mCherry for live cell confocal imaging using X-Light spinning disk systemIn vivo imaging of DNA double-strand break induced telomere mobility during alternative lengthening of telomeres. Methods (2017) 114:54–59NW Cho, MA Lampson, RA Greenberg274918012017
Confocal MicroscopySPECTRA XImaging of DAPI, Alexa Fluor 488 and Cy3 immunofluorescence using X-Light spinning disk systemDifferentiation of control and ALS mutant human iPSCs into functional skeletal muscle cells, a tool for the study of neuromuscular diseases. Stem Cell Res (2016) 17(1):140–147J Lenzi, F Pagani, A Rosa et al.273181552016
Confocal MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of fluorescent protein redox sensors for confocal imaging using Yokogawa CSU-X1 spinning disk systemRedox sensor proteins for highly sensitive direct imaging of intracellular redox state. Biochem Biophys Res Commun (2015) 457(3):242–248K Sugiura, T Nagai, T Hisabori et al.255929712015
Confocal MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of mCherry for confocal imaging of telomere clustering using X-Light spinning disk systemInterchromosomal homology searches drive directional ALT telomere movement and synapsis. Cell (2014) 159(1):108–121NW Cho, RL Dilley, RA Greenberg et al.252599242014
Confocal MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of Rhodamine PE (560 nm) and Alexa Fluor 647 (628 nm) for confocal imaging using X-Light spinning disk systemPhosphoinositides and membrane curvature switch the mode of actin polymerization via selective recruitment of toca-1 and Snx9. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2013) 110(18):7193–7198JL Gallop, A Walrant, MW Kirschner et al.235898712013
Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH)SOLA SEExcitation of Hoechst 33342 nuclear stain and PlatinumBright 550-labeled centromere probesMicro fluorescence in situ hybridization (μFISH) for spatially multiplexed analysis of a cell monolayer. Biomed Microdevices (2016) 18(2):40D Huber, J Autebert, GV Kaigala271389952016
Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH)SOLA SEExcitation of JF549 and JF646 fluorophores on dCas9/sgRNA hybridization probesCASFISH: CRISPR/Cas9-mediated in situ labeling of genomic loci in fixed cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015) 112(38):11870–11875W Deng, X Shi, RH Singer et al.263249402015
Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH)SPECTRA XExcitation of Cy3 labeled RNA probes for single molecule FISH detectionSingle-gene dual-color reporter cell line to analyze RNA synthesis in vivo. Methods (2016) 103:77–85M Palangat, DR Larson270686582016
FRETSPECTRA XExcitation of EKAR2G CFP/YFP FRET biosensor for imaging of ERK activationFrequency modulation of ERK activation dynamics rewires cell fate. Mol Syst Biol (2015) 11(11):838H Ryu, M Chung, O Pertz et al.266139612015
FRETSOLA SEExcitation of donor (mTurquoise) and acceptor (NeonGreen) fluorescent proteins in a vinculin activation FRET biosensor.Molecular mechanism of vinculin activation and nano-scale spatial organization in focal adhesions. Nat Cell Biol (2015) 17(7):880–892LB Case, MA Baird, CM Waterman et al260532212015
FRETSPECTRAExcitation of GFP (donor) at 472 nm and mCherry (acceptor) at 543 nmA sensitized emission based calibration of FRET efficiency for probing the architecture of macromolecular machines. Cell Mol Bioeng (2013) 6(4):369–382A Joglekar, R Chen, J Lawrimore243194992013
FRETSPECTRAExcitation of cpCerulean (donor) at 433 nm and cpVenus (acceptor) at 515 nmOrientation-based FRET sensor for real-time imaging of cellular forces. J Cell Sci (2012) 125(3):743–750F Meng, F Sachs223894082012
Genomic AnalysisSPECTRA XExcitation of EvaGreen dye for high resolution melting (dHRM) analysis of bacterial pathogen DNA sequencesMassively parallel digital high resolution melt for rapid and absolutely quantitative sequence profiling. Sci Rep. (2017) 7:42326DO Velez, H Mack, SI Fraley et al.281768602017
Genomic AnalysisSPECTRA XReal-time detection of multiple displacement DNA amplification (MDA) reactions in hydrogelsVirtual microfluidics for digital quantification and single-cell sequencing. Nat Methods (2016) 13(9):759–762L Xu, IL Brito, PC Blainey et al.274793302016
High-Content ScreeningSPECTRA XImaging of binucleated cells (mitotic index) for assessment of cell cycle progressionCdk1 activity acts as a quantitative platform for coordinating cell cycle progression with periodic transcription. Nat Commun (2016) 7:11161G Banyai, F Baïdi, Z Szilagyi et al.270457312016
High-Content ScreeningSOLA SE5 channel fluorescence excitation for image-based assessment of RNAi-induced phenotypes.Morphological profiles of RNAi-induced gene knockdown are highly reproducible but dominated by seed effects. PLoS ONE (2015) 10(7):e013137.S Singh, X Wu, AE Carpenter et al.261970792015
High-Content ScreeningSOLA SE5 channel (DAPI/FITC/Cy3/Texas Red/Cy5) excitation for cellular morphology profilingCell Painting, a high-content image-based assay for morphological profiling using multiplexed fluorescent dyes. Nat Protoc (2016) 11(9):1757–1774MA Bray, S Singh, AE Carpenter et al.275601782016
High-Content ScreeningSPECTRA XExcitation of Hoechst 33342 (379 nm) and deglycosylation-dependent Venus YFP (485 nm) for identification of N-glycanase 1 deficient fibroblastsA congenital disorder of deglycosylation: Biochemical characterization of N-glycanase 1 deficiency in patient fibroblasts. Glycobiology (2015) 25(8):836–844P He, JE Grotzke, HH Freeze et al.259009302015
High-Content ScreeningSPECTRA XExcitation of Alexa Fluor 488 and Alexa Fluor 568 transferrin conjugates for quantitative imaging of cellular transferrin contentQuantitative analysis of transferrin cycling by automated fluorescence microscopy. Methods Mol Biol (2015) 1270:365–378DT Hirschmann, CA Kasper, M Spiess257021292015
High-Content ScreeningSPECTRA XExcitation of Hoechst 33342 (377 nm), YOYO-1 (482 nm), MitoTracker Orange (543 nm) and DyLight 649 (650 nm) in 4-color multiplex hepatotoxicity assayA micropatterned hepatocyte coculture model for assessment of liver toxicity using high-content imaging analysis. Assay Drug Dev Technol (2014) 12(1):16–27OJ Trask, A Moore, EL LeCluyse244441272014
High-Content ScreeningSPECTRA XExcitation of GFP, YFP and mCherry for automated bacterial morphology classificationMicrobeJ, a tool for high throughput bacterial cell detection and quantitative analysis. Nat Microbiol (2016) 1(7):16077A Ducret, EM Quardokus, YV Brun 275729722016
Immunofluorescence MicroscopySPECTRAHigh-resolution imaging of chromatin organization combining multiplexed immunostaining, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and array tomography (AT)A high-resolution imaging approach to investigate chromatin architecture in complex tissues. Cell (2015) 163(1):246–255MW Linhoff, SK Garg, G Mandel264063792015
Immunofluorescence MicroscopySOLA SE(1) Excitation of Alexa Fluor 488, Alexa Fluor 568 and Alexa Fluor 647 labels. (2) Photoconversion of mEos2 (395 nm)Talin determines the nanoscale architecture of focal adhesions. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015) 112(35):E4864–E4873J Liu, Y Wang, P Kanchanawong et al.262833692015
Immunofluorescence MicroscopySOLA SEVisualization of dual immunofluorescence labeling in mouse pancreatic isletsAdipsin Is an adipokine that Improves beta cell function in diabetes. Cell (2014) 158(1):41–53JC Lo, S Ljubicic, BM Spiegelman et al.249959772014
Immunofluorescence MicroscopySOLA SEFluorescence immunohistochemical visualization of biomarkers in stem cell-derived intestinal epitheliaCloning and variation of ground state intestinal stem cells. Nature (2015) 522:173–178X Wang, Y Yamamoto, W Xian et al.260407162015
Hyperspectral ImagingSPECTRAIn-vivo multispectral imaging for detection of stomach carcinomaIn-vivo multispectral video endoscopy towards in-vivo hyperspectral video endoscopy. J Biophotonics (2017) 10(4):553–564M Hohmann, R Kanawade, H Albrecht et al.274036392017
Hyperspectral ImagingSPECTRA XIntegrated quantitative diffuse reflectance imaging and hyperspectral fluorescence imaging of protoporphyrin IX (PpIX)Quantitative spatial frequency fluorescence imaging in the sub-diffusive domain for image-guided glioma resection. Biomed Opt Express (2015) 6(12):4923–4933M Sibai, I Veilleux, BC Wilson et al.267132062015
Intravital ImagingSPECTRA XTime-lapse fluorescence ratio imaging of HyPer-transgenic zebrafish using blue (438/57 nm) and cyan (475/28 nm) excitationImage-based measurement of H2O2 reaction-diffusion in wounded zebrafish larvae. Biophys J (2017) 112(9):2011–2018M Jelcic, B Enyedi, P Niethammer et al.284949702017
Intravital ImagingSPECTRA XBright-field and autofluorescence imaging of C. elegans every 3 hours for up to 16 daysExtended twilight among isogenic C. elegans causes a disproportionate scaling between lifespan and health. Cell Syst (2016) 3(4):333–345WB Zhang, DB Sinha, Z Pincus et al.277206322016
Intravital ImagingSPECTRA XIntraoperative indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescence imaging of tumorsQuantification of tumor fluorescence during intraoperative optical cancer imaging. Sci Rep (2015) 5:16208RP Judy, JJ Keating, S Singhal et al.265630912015
Intravital ImagingSPECTRA XExcitation of Alexa Fluor 488– and Alexa Fluor 647–labeled antibodies for imaging fibrin generation and platelet accumulation in miceNovel mouse hemostasis model for real-time determination of bleeding time and hemostatic plug composition. J Thromb Haemost (2015) 13(3):417–425TM Getz, R Piatt, W Bergmeier et al.254421922015
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of green fluorescent (GCaMP6m) and red fluorescent (R-CaMP2) genetically encoded calcium indicators in rat hippocampal neuronsSimultaneous fast measurement of circuit dynamics at multiple sites across the mammalian brain. Nat Methods (2016) 13(4):325–328CK Kim, SJ Yang, K Deisseroth et al.268783812016
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XTime-lapse imaging of microtubule dynamics in LLC-PK1 porcine epithelial cells stably expressing EGFP–α-tubulin or EB1–EGFPMechanisms of kinetic stabilization by the drugs paclitaxel and vinblastine. Mol Biol Cell (2017) 28(9):1238–1257BT Castle, S McCubbin, DJ Odde et al.282984892017
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XFluorescence ratio imaging of H2O2 sensor HyPer with alternating 100 ms excitation pulses at 475/28 nm and 438/24 nmAquaporins facilitate hydrogen peroxide entry

into guard cells to mediate ABA- and

pathogen-triggered stomatal closure. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017) 114(34):9200–9205
O Rodrigues, G Reshetnyak, L Verdoucq et al.287847632017
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of CFP (434/17 nm), GFP (488/10 nm) and mCherry (560/25 nm) Correlative live cell and super resolution imaging of autophagosome formation. Methods Enzymol (2017) 587:1–20SA Walker, E Karanasios, NT Ktistakis282539512017
Live Cell MicroscopySOLA SE 365Imaging of FRET biosensors for pyruvate kinase activity and ATP/ADP and endogenous NADPH and flavinsPhase analysis of metabolic oscillations and membrane potential in pancreatic islet β-cells. Biophys J (2016) 110(3):691–699MJ Merrins, C Poudel, LS Satin et al.268407332016
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XImaging origins of replication loci (oriC) in E. coli expressing LacI-tagGFPCRISPR-mediated control of the bacterial initiation of replication. Nucleic Acids Res (2016) 44(8):3801–3810J Wiktor, C Lesterlin, C Dekker et al.270368632016
Live Cell MicroscopySOLA SEExcitation of GFP-ALADIN and mCherry–α-tubulin expressed in Drosophila S2 cellsThe nucleoporin ALADIN regulates Aurora A localization to ensure robust mitotic spindle formation. Mol Biol Cell (2015) 26(19):3424–3438S Carvalhal, SA Ribeiro, ER Griffis et al.262466062015
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of GFP and RFP for imaging of mitochondrial fusionMesenchymal stem cells use extracellular vesicles to outsource mitophagy and shuttle microRNAs. Nat Commun (2015) 6:8472DG Phinney, M Di Giuseppe, LA Ortiz et al.264424492015
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRAExcitation of luminescent temperature sensor europium (III) thenoyltrifluoroacetonate (Eu-TTA) at 377 nmTriggering of high-speed neurite outgrowth using an optical microheater. Sci Rep (2015) 5:16611K Oyama, V Zeeb, S Ishiwata et al.265682882015
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XImaging of photoinduced lysosome damage in C. neoformans–infected bone marrow–derived macrophagesCryptococcus neoformans-induced macrophage lysosome damage crucially contributes to fungal virulence. J Immunol (2015) 194(5):2219–2231MJ Davis, AJ Eastman, MA Olszewski et al.256370262015
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XExcitation of PercevalHR ATP/ADP sensor at 438 nm and 482 nmImaging changes in the cytosolic ATP-to-ADP ratio. Methods Enzymol (2014) 547:355–371M Tantama, G Yellen254163652014
Live Cell MicroscopySOLA SE 24-hour time-lapse imaging of promoter-dependent GFP expression in E. coliQuorum-sensing crosstalk-driven synthetic circuits: from unimodality to trimodality. Chem Biol. (2014) 21(12):1629–1638F Wu, DJ Menn, X Wang254558582014
Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRAHigh-speed (50 fps) imaging of GFP (ex = 470 nm) and mKate2 (ex = 555 nm) transgenic C. elegansNon-microfluidic methods for imaging live C. elegans. Methods (2014) 68(3):542–547CJ Luke, JZ Niehaus, SC Watkins et al.248369962014
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Live Cell MicroscopySPECTRA XCalcium imaging in cardiac myocytes using fluo-4 (ex = 470 nm)Cardiac CD47 Drives Left Ventricular Heart Failure Through Ca2+‐CaMKII‐Regulated Induction of HDAC3. J Am Heart Assoc. (2014) 3(3): e000670M Sharifi-Sanjani, AH Shoushtari, JS Isenberg et al.249226252014
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Live Cell MicroscopySOLA SEImaging of time-dependent GFP (ex = 472 nm) and mCherry (ex = 562 nm) expression in yeastEngineering of regulated stochastic cell fate determination. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2013) 110(26):10610–10615M Wu, RQ Su, X Wang et al.237543912013
Live Cell MicroscopySOLA SEimaging GFP-labeled endogenous β-actin mRNA in cultured neuronsImaging single mRNA dynamics in live neurons and brains. Methods Enzymol (2016) 572:51–64HC Moon, HY Park272417492016
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Materials ScienceSOLA SEImaging of single quantum dots (QDs) on silver plasmonic resonatorsWedge waveguides and resonators for quantum plasmonics. Nano Lett (2015) 15(9):6267–6275SJ Kress, FV Antolinez, DJ Norris et al.262844992015
MicrofluidicsSOLA SEMicrofluidics-assisted cell screening (MACS) of E. coliMechanical slowing-down of cytoplasmic diffusion allows in vivo counting of proteins in individual cells. Nat Commun (2016) 7:11641B Okumus, D Landgraf, J Paulsson et al.271893212016
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MicrofluidicsSOLA SEImaging micropattered goat anti-IgG deposition on IgG-coated polystyrene surfacesConvection-enhanced biopatterning with recirculation of hydrodynamically confined nanoliter volumes of reagents. Anal Chem (2016) 88(6):3235–3242J Autebert, JF Cors, G V Kaigala et al.268375322016
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Microscopy Technique DevelopmentSPECTRA XAcquisition of whole slide images (WSIs) for validation of BaSiC shading correction methodA BaSiC tool for background and shading correction of optical microscopy images. Nat Commun (2017) 8:14836T Peng, K Thorn, N Navab et al.285940012017
Microscopy Technique DevelopmentSPECTRA XValidation of expansion microscopy (ExM) on cells and tissues with multicolor immunofluorescence and fluorescent protein labelingProtein-retention expansion microscopy of cells and tissues labeled using standard fluorescent proteins and antibodies. Nat Biotechnol (2016) 34(9):987–992PW Tillberg, F Chen, ES Boyden et al.273765842016
Microscopy Technique DevelopmentSPECTRA XValidation of a computational method for illumination uniformity correctionCIDRE: an illumination-correction method for optical microscopy. Nat Methods (2015) 12(5):404–406K Smith, Y Li, P Horvath et al.257750442015
Multimode ImagingSPECTRAOptimization of GFP fluorescence in dehydrated resin sections for correlative light and electron microscopyCorrelative and integrated light and electron microscopy of in-resin GFP fluorescence, used to localise diacylglycerol in mammalian cells. Ultramicroscopy (2014) 143:3–14CJ Peddie, K Blight, LM Collinson et al.246372002014
Multimode ImagingSOLA SECryogenic fluorescence microscopy of high-pressure frozen cells on sapphire diskstriCLEM: Combining high-precision, room temperature CLEM with cryo-fluorescence microscopy to identify very rare events. Methods Cell Biol (2017) 140:303–320NR Ader, W Kukulski285286382017
OptogeneticsSPECTRAStimulation (ChR2) and inhibition (Arch-T) of transmembrane potassium flux in developing Xenopus embryosBioelectric signalling via potassium channels: a mechanism for craniofacial dysmorphogenesis in KCNJ2-associated Andersen-Tawil Syndrome. J Physiol (2016) 594(12):3245–3270DS Adams, SG Uzel, M Levin et al.268643742016
OptogeneticsSPECTRA X(1) Activation of photosensitive G protein-coupled receptor melanopsin (470 nm). (2) Excitation of X-rhod-1 Ca2+ indicator (570 nm) Optogenetic control of calcium oscillation waveform defines NFAT as an Integrator of calcium load. Cell Syst (2016) 2(4):283–288 P Hannanta-Anan, BY Chow 271355402016
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XActivation (475/28 nm; 8 mW/mm2) and deactivation (632/22 nm; 5 mW/mm2) of step-function opsin (SSFO) and the step-function inhibitory opsin SwiChR++Modulation of prefrontal cortex excitation/inhibition balance rescues social behavior in CNTNAP2-deficient mice. Sci Transl Med (2017) 9:401A Selimbeyoglu, CK Kim, K Deisseroth et al.287688032017
OptogeneticsSOLA SE(1) Stimulation of ChR2 (470 nm) and Chrimson (615 nm) photoproteins. (2) Excitation of GCaMP3 Ca2+ sensor.Feedback from network states generates variability in a probabilistic olfactory circuit. Cell (2015) 161(2):215–227.A Gordus, N Pokala, CI Bargmann et al.257726982015
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XOptical activation of ChR2-expressing neurons (475/28 nm; 10 ms light pulses at 19 mW/mm2)A sexually dimorphic hypothalamic circuit controls maternal care and oxytocin secretion. Nature (2015) 525(7570):519–522N Scott, M Prigge, T Kimchi et al.263750042015
OptogeneticsSPECTRA XIdentification of melanopsin-based responses in photosensitive retinal ganglion cells using alternating blue (438 nm) and yellow (575 nm) stimuliMelanopsin-derived visual responses under light adapted conditions in the mouse dLGN. PLoS ONE (2015) 10(3):e0123424KE Davis, CG Eleftheriou, RJ Lucas et al.258223712015
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OptogeneticsSOLA SETransient (~100 ms) stimulation of ChR2 (460 –490 nm) in zebrafish hair cellsOptical stimulation of zebrafish hair cells expressing channelrhodopsin-2. PLoS ONE (2014) 9(5): e96641BD Monesson-Olson, J Browning-Kamins, JG Trapani et al.247919342014
OptogeneticsSPECTRAStimulation (ChR2, 475 nm) and inhibition (Arch-T, 549 nm) of melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) producing neuronsOptogenetic manipulation of activity and temporally controlled cell-specific ablation reveal a role for MCH neurons in sleep/wake regulation. J Neurosci (2014) 34(20):6896–6909T Tsunematsu, T Ueno, A Yamanaka et al.248286442014
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PhotochemistrySPECTRA 75 mW/cm2 illumination of zinc porphyrin MPZnP photosensitizer at 445 nmGrowth and post-deposition treatments of SrTiO3 films for dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cell applications. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (2016) 8(19):12282–12290RW Call, L Alibabaei, R Lopez et al.271288132016
PhotochemistrySPECTRAIrradiation of ruthenium polypyridyl sensitizer at 445 nm for photoelectrochemical water splittingVisible photoelectrochemical water splitting into H2 and O2 in a dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cell. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015) 112(19):5899–5902L Alibabaei, BD Sherman, TJ Meyer et al.259184262015