Laser Protection

  • Internationally certified laser safety eyewear.
  • NoIR products protect from coherent and non-coherent light sources, enhance vision, provide comfort and improve mobility.
  • The field of application of lasers in medicine, industry and r&d is growing more diverse, while the lasers in use are growing more and more powerful.
  • Due to constant improvement and development of our laser shielding systems, we are ready to meet the demands application.
  • Laser protection windows enable you employees to safely observe the processes in a laser system.
  • Our laser protection windows are suitable for wavelengths from UV to infrared and are tested according to EN 12254 and 60825-4.
  • The robust BODYGUARD protective clothing was developed for the high demands of industry and similar processes with high stress.
  • BODYGUARD protective clothing is perfectly matched to provide protection for the torso, arms, legs and head.

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